Barb’s Emmy Nomination Has Turned the Internet Upside Down

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Barb of Stranger Things is really having the best week ever — and she may finally get some justice, after all.

After the apparently ignored supernatural death of the Netflix series’ bespectacled third wheel, a massive Twitter campaign was launched — with the hashtag #JusticeForBarb — to demand that the show bring her back. Anyone hoping for her resurrection is, a lot like their heroine, out of luck, the show has confirmed.

But fans wanting to see “Barb” alive can tune into the 2017 Emmy Awards on Sept. 17, as actor Shannon Purser was nominated Thursday morning for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama.

After the Emmy contenders were revealed, Barb trended again as the Internet erupted with hot takes. Some were thrilled to see the nod for Purser’s performance, which inspired think pieces about social awkwardness and countless parodies. Others felt the honor was a slight to supporting actresses with more substantial screen time, on both Stranger Things and other series.

Some were decidedly in favor of Barb’s redemption.

Others were not here for the nod, or just plain shocked.

Purser — whose costars Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven and David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper on the show, were nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama and Best Supporting Actor in a Drama respectively — has since gone on to star as Ethel Muggs on CW’s Riverdale. But even as she moves on with her career, and whatever you make of her nomination, it’s clear that the power of Barb never dies.

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