June 20, 2017 11:42 AM EDT

We may have reached peak fidget spinner. Some clever Redditors figured out that Google has gotten in on the fidget spinner action, embedding a virtual version in to search results, if you search for the word “spinner” or, you know, just click here.

The search or the link takes you to an online spinning widget that hypnotically turns and turns when you hit the ‘spin’ button, which is sort of fun. However, if you work on a computer with a mouse, The Next Web says, that you can rotate the mouse with your hand and get the spinner going, which sounds much more entertaining.

While Google’s online spinner is fun, you won’t be able to do any trick shots with it, like the guys from Dude Perfect, mesmerize your pet dog or annoy your Shiba Inu. However you can still waste hours of your day endlessly fidgeting online instead of getting any work done, so in that sense it is a lot like a real fidget spinner.

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