June 13, 2017 9:12 AM EDT

Tuesday’s Google Doodle celebrates this year’s ICC Champions Trophy with a miniature interactive game.

A click on the artwork transports users to a game on London’s Oval cricket grounds, in which the batsmen are crickets and the fielders are snails. The rules are simple: tap or click to swing the bat in order to hit the ball across the field.

Missing a shot risks the bail — two small wooden sticks that balance on stumps called the wicket — being knocked off.

The Google Doodle game was initially rolled out in eight countries back on June 1 to celebrate the start of the cricket tournament, but today’s roll-out is specifically available in the U.S.

Google kept the game’s file size small to accommodate players on slower mobile networks.

“We kept the file size fly-sized, and the result is our smallest interactive Doodle ever — even snail networks can load it in seconds.” Google writes.

The 2017 ICC Champions Trophy is being hosted by England and Wales. The cricket tournament began on June 1 and will feature the world’s top eight teams, including Bangladesh, England, India and South Africa, before the June 18 final.

The tournament goes into its semi-finals on June 13.




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