June 13, 2017 8:24 AM EDT

Though Stephen Colbert has found President Donald Trump’s presidency to be predictably satire-worthy, the Late Show host was surprised by the video of Monday’s first full public cabinet meeting.

On Monday night’s the Late Show, the host gleefully tackled Trump’s first full cabinet meeting and its many members getting down to their thank you’s for the opportunity and the blessing to serve the President’s agenda.

“I can’t get over these fawning cabinet members. These are adults, some of them are billionaires, and they’re just happy to have their leashes yanked as a cameras roll for the dear leader,” he said at the top of his opening monologue.

Colbert called the praising in the meeting “next-level weird” and he did not hold back. “This is an unprecedented public stroke-fest for an emotionally frail man,” he said.

When he got to the clip of Trump admitting that FDR had more challenges to face with Great Depression, Colbert couldn’t have been happier. “Mr. President don’t sell yourself short. Since you got elected many people have had a major depression.”

Watch the full takedown below.

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