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Harry Potter is not known for his meek demeanor. The infamous wizard is a rule breaker and a rebel, equal parts kind-hearted kid and smart-mouthed adolescent. Reddit user InquisitorCOC took fan knowledge of this fact — and decided to apply a ranking to each of the seven Harry Potter books based on the teen wizard’s level of sass in each year’s adventure.

Using a ten-point scale, the Redditor made good use of some expert knowledge of Potter dialogue in the extensive analysis of the situation. The results? According to InquisitorCOC, Potter is sassiest in the Half-Blood Prince, where he spouts off with some truly memorable lines. (“There’s no need to call me ‘sir,’ Professor,” is one standout from that particular tome during a tense exchange with Professor Snape.)

According to this Reddit user, Harry reached a sass slump back in his second year during the Chamber of Secrets era; he only gets five points for that year, by Reddit’s judgment. But he was young. Things improved especially in the Order of the Phoenix, during which Harry is notoriously moody and mercurial — and gets in a number of spats with friends and enemies alike. For instance, during a chat with Dudley Dursley: “This is night, Diddykins. That’s what we call it when it goes all dark like this.”

While Harry is best known for his courage and selfless heart, this ranking draws much-needed attention to his wry wit and dry humor, too. Looks like he’s a man after Rowling’s own heart: she does love a good clapback, after all.

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