June 8, 2017 11:14 AM EDT

On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers decided to unpack the latest revelations regarding the relationship between former FBI director James Comey and President Donald Trump, since Comey’s opening statement to the senate has now become public. As Meyers noted on Late Night, the statement is chock-full of surprising and “bizarre” details about the interactions between the two men.

In one instance, Trump invited Comey to a dinner at the White House, which Comey assumed would be a group affair. Instead, it was a one-on-one encounter.

“So Trump invited Comey to a dinner without telling him who would be there and then it turned out to be just the two of them. This is starting to sound less like All the President’s Men and more like a Lifetime original movie. James Comey and Donald Trump star in: Suspicious Attraction,” Meyers joked. After further reading from Comey’s testimony — which includes descriptive mention of awkward silences between the two — Meyers had one more jab.

“This sounds like a terrible Tinder date,” he quipped, adding with his Trump impression, “So, you said in your profile you like hiking?”


Watch Meyers’s full 12-minute explanation of events, above. Comey’s testimony to senate continues today.

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