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A woman from San Antonio, Texas found a cathartic way to deal with the aftermath of wedding plans gone wrong: by burning the white wedding dress that she would have worn to get married.

According to her Facebook, Khristella Joseph initially tried to sell her wedding dress and other items for the wedding. When the wedding dress didn’t sell, she instead filmed herself setting the dress on fire as a way of closing a painful chapter of her life. Before lighting the dress, she doused the dress in lighter fluid and said a few last words.

“I’m getting ready to burn this bad a—s memory,” she said. “There goes the end of the bad memory of a wedding dress somebody pays for and says that your relationship is just a “joke and they never loved or cared about you in the first place.”

After setting the dress on fire, Joseph had some poignant final words for the union that would never be.

‘Well, there you have it,” she said. “It’s gone up in flames. Ashes to ashes dust to dust.”

Watch the full clip below.

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