May 31, 2017 10:30 AM EDT

Jimmy Kimmel asks the tough questions, so it’s only fitting that he took it upon himself to probe the political knowledge of children.

“Children are honest, so I asked kids the future voters of America to give me their takes on the state of our President and our union, and this is what they had to say,” Kimmel said on Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! while introducing the casual segment.

The little citizens may not have been plugged into the latest news, but they were happy to share their opinions on the state of the Union. At the top of the clip, President Donald Trump got high marks from a young girl in a princess dress, and the hot takes became increasingly comical as a number of kids offered their earnest thoughts on POTUS ranging from “he’s doing good” to “not really well.” As one young boy explained, his sister told him the President was anti-Nebraska. Another guest even had some advice for Trump: “walk around a little bit and see what’s going on in different states.”

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To hear the voices of the future, watch the full clip below.

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