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Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Fidget Spinner With LEGO Blocks

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If you’re ready to jump on the fidget spinner bandwagon — the toy craze that seems to be obsessing the nation — but still don’t want to shell out a hard-earned $5 or more for the funky gadget, then you’re in luck. There are now official instructions for how to make your own fidget spinner using LEGOs, as posted on Reddit. (And if you don’t have any LEGOs lying around, then at least you can invest in a box of the plastic pieces knowing they can be used for various other craft projects once your fidget spinning days have come to a close.)

While these might be the “official” instructions from the toy brand, other LEGO lovers have been getting creative with their pieces for weeks, posting popular tutorials on how to construct all kinds of iterations of the toy. While most of the for-sale versions are simple plastic three-pronged trinkets, the variations available when you make your own are pretty much endless. It seems that perhaps the practice of creating the spinner may be just as productive (and distracting) as the actual process of using one.

See the instructions below.

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