May 24, 2017 10:59 AM EDT

Priyanka Chopra has many talents; she was named Miss World back in 2000, after all, and has since parlayed her charisma into starring roles on shows like Quantico and the new Baywatch movie. But one thing we may not know about Chopra is that she can also sing — or at least, she can also happily bust out a Taylor Swift impression that would surely crush it at her local karaoke night.

In a new “73 Questions” video with Vogue, Chopra (rhymes with “Oprah,” as she reminds us) shares a number of unexpected tidbits about herself, from the contents of her handbag (sunglasses, perfume and hot sauce) to the scoop on her wrist tattoo (it reads “Daddy’s little girl”) and what she’d be doing if not acting (being an engineer at NASA, naturally). She even shows off some of her best self-defense moves, as she does her own stunts and has picked up plenty of knowledge in the process. But perhaps the most impressive moment comes when she’s asked to sing her favorite Swift tune.

It’s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” of course, and Chopra manages to turn her brief rendition into the viral screaming goat remix of the dubstep-influenced track. Watch her give it her best shot in the video, above; the singing comes in at about minute 7.

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