April 3, 2014 3:14 AM EDT

A young man who died when he fell off a balcony in Denver last month had eaten marijuana-laced cookies before the accident, according to the local coroner.

The coroner’s report on the accident found that the man, 19-year-old Levy Thamba, died because of the injuries he suffered from the fall from the fourth floor of a hotel, the Denver Post reports. The coroner listed the intoxication from the marijuana cookies he had eaten prior to the fall as a significant factor contributing to his death.

Thamba, a student visiting the city on spring break, began speaking erratically and behaving violently shortly after eating the cannabis-infused cookies.

“[His] friends attempted to calm him down and were temporarily successful,” the report states. “However, [he] eventually reportedly jumped out of bed, went outside the hotel room, and jumped over the balcony railing.”

Pot tourism is a growing business in Colorado ever since marijuana sales for recreational use became legal in the state this year. The coroner’s office said Thamba didn’t have a history of mental-health issues, the Post reports.

“We have no history of any other issues until he eats a marijuana cookie and becomes erratic and this happens,” corner spokeswoman Michelle Weiss-Samaras said. “It’s the one thing we have that’s significant.”

[The Denver Post]

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