May 10, 2017 12:20 PM EDT

After a jury convicted a Virginia woman who laughed during Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing of disorderly conduct, Late Night with Seth Meyers put together a satirical guide to make sure that no one else faces jail time for laughing at an inopportune moment.

Writer Amber Ruffin mocked the Attorney General with a “How Not to Laugh at Jeff Sessions,” special, which will hopefully “keep you out of jail.”

The trick to not laughing according to Ruffin is to not think about certain things, Sessions looks like “a Mike Pence Shrinky Dink” and “a Garbage Pail Kid named Plantation Nathan.” She also suggests not turning his name into a parody of Usher’s song “Confessions” or imagining what it sounds like when someone scolds “Jefferson Beauregard Sessions” for putting his hand in the cookie jar.

Desiree A. Fairooz was removed from a Jan 10 Jeff Sessions’ for “disorderly conduct” when Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) stated that Sessions has an “extensive record of treating all Americans equally under the law.”

Watch the segment below.

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