May 9, 2017 10:38 AM EDT

Searches for the definition of the word “fulsome” spiked after Sally Yates used the adjective on Monday during her opening statement at the Senate Judiciary subcommittee about Russian interference with the 2016 election.

As she delivered her opening statement Monday, the former acting Attorney General said she planned to be as “fulsome and comprehensive as possible” within ethical and legal boundaries when she testified in front of the committee about investigating possible Russian hacking during the presidential election.

Merriam Webster reported that searches for the word, which can mean “generous or abundant,” surged more than 4,700% than the online dictionary’s hourly average.

The reference noted that although the meaning of the word “fulsome” is muddled and context is key, it can “indicate abundance, but it can also express disapproval of excessive flattery.”

Yates said she warned the White House, under President Donald Trump, that Michael Flynn was “compromised” and “essentially could be blackmailed by Russians.” Trump fired Flynn earlier this year for misleading the Vice President Mike Pence about Flynn’s communications with Russia.

Her testimony Monday was the first time Yates spoke publicly about her concerns.

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