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When Stephen Colbert started worrying that the religious liberty executive order President Donald Trump signed Thursday would bring politics into his church, he decided to ask “God” for His opinion.

After stating that many people fear the order — which eases IRS restrictions on the political activity of religious groups — will allow religion to have too much influence on politics, The Late Show host explained that he is nervous about the reverse. So he turned to God — who appeared on the studio’s ceiling — to discuss the matter.

Turns out, God doesn’t really care for politics. “I’m not a big fan of executive orders — they don’t work,” He said. “I tried 10 of them once, and everyone’s still coveting their neighbor’s wife and taking my name in vain.”

And as for whether He is a Republican or Democrat: “Oh, neither…Isn’t it obvious by now — I’m an anarchist. Didn’t you see how many Fast and Furious movies there are?”

Watch the full clip below.

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