April 27, 2017 10:57 AM EDT

Stephen Colbert apparently isn’t a fan of hearing about President Donald Trump pressing any sort of big red button.

During the opening monologue of Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show, the host nearly had a panic attack upon seeing a recent Associated Press report referencing Trump’s continuous access to a button placed on the Resolute Desk. However, there was actually no need for alarm, as the story then revealed its only purpose was calling a butler to bring POTUS a Coke.

“Thank God, I was worried there. He’s just turning the Oval Office into an eight-year-old’s drawing of a dream treehouse,” he said before imagining what that would entail for Trump. “‘There will be a button where I get a Coke wherever I want, a slide with a ball pit, and Bigfoot sleeps over and he teaches me karate.'”

Watch the full clip below.

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