Here’s John Oliver Explaining Why He Got Kicked Out of a Sauna With Jimmy Fallon

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The last time that John Oliver was on The Tonight Show, he played a game called “True Confessions” with Jennifer Lawrence and host Jimmy Fallon. During the game, Oliver admitted something very odd, but didn’t have time to give any context or backstory. When he returned to The Tonight Show on Tuesday night, Fallon demanded an explanation for why Oliver had been ejected from a Tokyo sauna.

The answer was perhaps the most British explanation ever. “At 19-years old, I was forcibly removed from a Tokyo sauna for not being naked enough,” Oliver explained. He was touring Tokyo and had been told that many people enjoyed destination’s saunas, so he decided to give it a whirl. At the sauna, he says he was told he could be either naked or clothed. “I chose correctly, option B,” he told Fallon. However, he soon discovered that showing up in a sauna fully clothed actually wasn’t the best practice. It all went downhill from there, but Oliver wants everyone to know that those naked people did not win.

Oliver also recounted a story about his Last Week Tonight interview with the Dalai Lama who got “frustrated when people take him too seriously.” To navigate the interview with the spiritual leader with a serious funny bone, Oliver tried to be respectful, but that went out the window when the Dalai Lama tickled him.

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