April 18, 2017 1:46 PM EDT

The eyes of the political world are on the Georgia 6th congressional district, where a special election is being held to fill the House seat vacated by now-HHS Secretary Tom Price. Democrat Jon Ossoff is facing off against a field of more than 10 Republicans, including the GOP poll leader Karen Handel, in a race that has taken on national significance for both parties. The election is a jungle primary, meaning that unless one of the finishes with greater than 50 percent of the vote, the top two finishers will face each other in a run-off. Democrats see the race as evidence of a new generation of political leaders, activists and donors emerging after Hillary Clinton’s defeat last year. They hope a win in what is usually a heavily GOP-leaning district will amount to a poke in the eye for President Trump and have poured millions of dollars and tens of thousands of volunteer hours into the race. For Republicans, it’s the latest forum for the party’s ongoing civil war, with divided factions threatening to cost them a seat they should win. For Trump himself, he’s trying to avoid it becoming a black mark on his first 100 days. In a tweet late Monday he sought to lower expectations. “With eleven Republican candidates running in Georgia (on Tuesday) for Congress, a runoff will be a win. Vote ‘R’ for lower taxes & safety,” he tweeted. Polls show Ossoff pushing close to the 50 percent threshold, but both parties are expecting a deeply-contested run-off if it comes to that.

Trump aides are huddling Tuesday to determine the future of the U.S. participation in the Paris climate accord, with the dueling factions in the White House seeking to sway the president to their side of the issue. Meanwhile, the president is traveling to Wisconsin to sign an executive order calling for a review of federal visa and “Buy American” policies, as he looks to fulfill his campaign’s populist provisions. But Trump is falling short of his pledge to end the H-1B program, which is popular with big business.

Trump calls to congratulate Turkey’s Erdogan as international groups warn of possible malpractice. Ivanka’s business prospers. And Chelsea Clinton defends the Trump kids.

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Sound Off

“Now, what am I going to do? Start a trade war with China in the middle of him working on a bigger problem, frankly, with North Korea?…I haven’t changed my stance. China’s trying to help us. I don’t know if they’re going to be able to or not.” — President Trump to Fox & Friends when pressed on why he isn’t fulfilling his campaign pledge to label China a currency manipulator

“We’re following basically the same thing that members of Congress follow. You go in and you meet with a member of Congress right now, that there’s an option for people to go in and express their opinion. If they want to make it public, who’s meeting with them — and in a lot of cases we do, we bring in you guys to probably a greater extent than has happened before in terms of the pool spray. We list participant lists. But I think there’s an opportunity sometimes for American people who want to come in and have a conversation and not become — and be able to share their view.” — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer defending the Administration’s decision not to release White House visitor logs

Bits and Bites

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