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April 4, 2017 12:04 PM EDT

Busy Philipps and best friend Michelle Williams keep each other grounded.

In an interview with, Philipps said that she bonded with Williams over “boxed wine” while filming their hit teen show Dawson’s Creek in the early 2000s — and that their friendship has continued to thrive as their careers have taken off. Philipps also shared why they frequently accompany each other to red carpet events.

“For the most part, these awards shows, while they are fun, they’re high pressure for the people who are nominated, and for those walking the red carpet,” Philipps said. “It’s just great to have somebody that can be your touchstone for reality. Maybe I’m giving away a secret, but we always try right before we get to one of these red carpets to just look at each other and say, ‘Don’t forget how lucky we are. This is our life now.'”

The Cougar Town actress also said that she’s had her fair share of toxic friendships — but she’s learned with age to focus and prioritize on the relationships that matter.

“In your early 20s, it was maybe acceptable to have a friend who was taking all of your time and energy, and exhausting you, and always a drama. When you’re in your 30s or you’re starting to have babies, you just can’t put up with it anymore, and that’s okay, because I think your priorities shift,” she said. “So it’s great if you can recognize that kind of earlier — what is tolerable for you, and what isn’t.”

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