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The April 3 cover story on President Trump’s use of the truth provoked a massive response. In the New York Times, Frank Bruni wrote that the President’s “delusional” statements in his interview with Michael Scherer could qualify him as “poet laureate of the sandbox.” But Pamela Trull of Homewood, Ala., wrote that she believes liberal and conservative media alike share blame for today’s problems with truth, for mixing news and opinion. Responding to the evoking of TIME’s iconic 1966 “Is God Dead?” cover, Bob Hunt of Sun City West, Ariz., noted that the bigger question is, rather, “Does truth matter?” Meanwhile, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne tweeted a reminder that in 1969, another TIME cover asked if God were coming back to life. “Here’s hoping the truth makes a similar comeback,” he wrote.


For many readers, Katy Steinmetz’s March 27 cover story on evolving notions of gender hit home. Sheila Raghavendran of Mason, Ohio, wrote to say that the piece was a great starting point for heterosexual and cisgender readers to learn more about gender fluidity and to “help us achieve a more compassionate world.” And while some readers were moved to share their own coming-out stories, others wished the feature had included interviews with a wider array of subjects. “This is not [just] a millennial issue,” wrote Christine Biship Smith, 59, “but one that many people have been silenced on because of the boxes allowed by a binary society.” And Aaron Rogers of Elgin, Ill., saw a parallel between the story and the “Is Truth Dead?” cover that followed: concepts once seen as absolute are “now something to be defined by each individual.”


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