By Ashley Hoffman
March 29, 2017

This post includes spoilers for Big Little Lies episodes 1-6 and does not factor in Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, on which the show is based.

The Big Little Lies finale is set for Sunday, April 2, and tensions are climbing. The dreamy miniseries opened on a mysterious murder at the most glamorous trivia night ever. But six episodes in, we still don’t know who died and who the killer is.

What we do know is that an unidentified victim busts his or her pelvis and skull at the costume fundraiser, and the core cast — Shailene Woodley’s Jane, Nicole Kidman’s Celeste, Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline and Laura Dern’s Renata — seem to be in on it somehow. The star witnesses from the party where it all goes down are the most biased gossips on the West coast, making them mostly useless in solving the puzzle. But Lies builds up plenty of motives, so much so that the real mystery may be how only one person drops dead.

While there are endless directions for the finale to take, some are more plausible than others. Here, TIME ranks the eight likeliest theories about how the show might come to an end.

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