President Trump’s Approval Rating Just Dropped to an All-Time Low

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President Donald Trump’s approval rating fell to 36% Monday after House Republicans failed to pass their repeal of the Affordable Care Act, marking a new low for the president’s young tenure.

Before March 24, when the House pulled the scheduled vote on the American Health Care Act, the president’s approval rating was trending upward. Some 41% of Americans told Gallup they approved of Trump’s performance in their daily tracking poll. Just a week prior, the president’s approval rating had dipped to 37%.

With the new rating, Gallup reports, Trump has dipped below the all-time lows of Presidents Obama (lowest: 38%), Clinton (lowest: 37%), and Ford (lowest: 37%). Trump has yet to reach the same lows of some presidents, including President George W. Bush who saw his approval rating dip to 25% and President Richard Nixon, who at one point had the approval of just 24% of the American public.

Luckily for Trump, daily tracking polls aren’t the end-all-be-all for presidential support, but he was already at a deficit when he took office. At the time of the inauguration, Trump had the lowest approval rating of any new president in recent history.

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