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This week provided fresh evidence that drinking alcohol—in moderation, of course—can lower risk for most types of heart disease. Check out what else grabbed our attention in health this week, and subscribe to our newsletter for more.

What to know about the breast implants linked to cancer

At least nine woman have died from a cancer linked to breast implants, federal officials say. The cancer is very rare, but here’s what can increase the risk.

Do you live near toxic waste?

More than 1,300 hazardous waste sites are scattered across the country. Check out this map to see how far you live from one.

Alcohol is good for your heart—most of the time

There’s good news this week for people who enjoy a daily glass of wine. A new study finds that drinking alcohol in moderation is linked to a lower risk of certain heart problems. (Sadly, drinking too much will negate these benefits.)

Ex CDC Director: History proves the dangers of underfunded health programs

The proposed budgets from the White House will make Americans less safe, writes former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden in an op-ed for TIME.

The benefits of being an older mother

A recent study found that women who had their first child after age 25 were 11% more likely to live to age 90. Here are some other reasons why later-in-life parenting can be a good thing.

The best way to cure an upset stomach

Grandma’s cures are sometimes the best. Science supports natural remedies like ginger and turmeric for easing stomach symptoms.

The story behind the first AIDS drug

The first AIDS drug was approved 30 years ago, but it wasn’t an easy journey. Here’s the story behind the treatment.

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