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This Week In Motto: Tell Us Your Story

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I usually start the newsletter with a bit of news from the week, and I often ask you, our readers, for your reactions.

This has yielded some fascinating, deeply personal correspondence, from accounts of love and grief to political screeds to notions of general perseverance.

A few weeks ago, the query about feminism drew a response from Jan Rose Kasmir, the woman in an iconic Vietnam protest photo. Motto associate editor Samantha Cooney ended up interviewing Jan Rose, and the story ran this week. You can read it here.

In addition to all of the news, culture and political coverage we do, Motto loves to hear and lift up stories from all women, including and especially you.

So please keep sharing. Email me at claire.howorth@time.com

1) The Harmless Sounding Phrase That Is Terrible for All Women

Author Karen Rinaldi argues that we need to stop excusing bad behavior from men by calling them ‘good guys’

2) 3 Mistakes That Will Keep You From Getting a Raise

Want a bigger paycheck? Author Jon Acuff shares three common blunders that will hurt your chances

3) Why Zumba Is Insanely Good Exercise

The dance class may seem more like a party than a workout, but experts say it’s full of health benefits

4) Obamacare Helped Working Moms Breastfeed — And It’s One Things Republicans Might Keep

As Republicans attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, lawmakers may keep key provisions that helped working moms

5) Mahershala Ali Opens Up About Fatherhood: ‘It’s a Different Kind of Crazy’

The actor, who welcomed a daughter days before winning an Oscar, discussed his latest role as a dad

6) Monica Lewinsky Says She Was ‘the Poster Child for Public Humiliation’

She opened up about her work to end harassment and cyberbullying

7) Meet the White House Staffer Who Scored a Tampon Dispenser for the West Wing

Alyssa Mastromonaco, former deputy chief of staff to President Obama, explains what it took to get ‘a basic level of comfort’ in the West Wing

8) How John Legend Supported Chrissy Teigen Through Her Postpartum Depression

The singer said it was his ‘job to do the best I could to support her and understand what she was going through’

9) Women on Wall Street Face Harsher Punishment Than Men for Misconduct

According to a new study, women in the finance world are more likely to lose their jobs over a mistake than their male colleagues

10) Justin Trudeau and Ivanka Trump Went to See a Broadway Show on Welcoming Refugees Together

The unlikely duo went to see a performance about the importance of being kind to foreigners

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