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How Much President Trump Paid in Taxes

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President Trump paid a roughly 25% effective tax rate in 2005, according to leaked tax returns made public Tuesday evening. Teased as an earth-shattering scoop by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, the revelation was relatively modest—providing a glimpse of how Trump structured his tax burden but no information on how he actually earned his wealth. Trump is the first President in more than four decades not to have released his tax returns, and his aides signaled that he won’t be reversing course anytime soon. The very real questions about Trump’s taxes, the sources of his income, and his potential conflicts of interest aren’t dissipating either. But Tuesday night’s anticipation and subsequent let-down proved to be a winning news cycle for the president.

Trump is back on the campaign trail Wednesday night, holding a campaign rally in Nashville. The trip comes as the President faces the question of how deeply to embrace the House Republican Obamacare replacement bill. Facing opposition from many in his own party, the bill is on thin ice just more than a week after its release. Trump could try to placate some of those concerns from the stage, or he could ignore the issue for a more Trump-focused (rather than agenda-focused) event.

Even House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes says there is no evidence that Trump was wiretapped in Trump Tower, as the president claimed in a series of inflammatory tweets earlier this month. “We don’t have any evidence that took place,” Nunes said Wednesday. It’s notable coming from Nunes, who has been one of the president’s staunchest Capitol Hill defenders.

Trump targets Obama mileage rule. Trump overrules his National Security Advisor. And Trump allies are plotting for when the House GOP bill fails.

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