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March 14, 2017 10:13 AM EDT

Kourtney Kardashian has been giving fans a room-by-room tour of her Calabasas, California home.

So far, we’ve seen her living room, dining room, office, Mason and Penelope‘s bedrooms, and Reign’s nursery. The KUWTK star, 37, has even been offering tips from her A-list designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and insights into her decorating lessons learned — like what it takes to curate a rainbow, color-coded bookshelf.

Now, the mom of three is getting extra personal. In a new post on her website, Kardashian reveals the most meaningful pieces in her home. Several of the sentimental items are gifts from family members. There’s the grand piano that mom Kris gifted her: “I’ve had this Yamaha piano since I was a little girl. I took lessons on it,” she writes, adding that the piece “will always be in our family.”

Artwork by her children, posted in an ever-changing gallery, is another favorite of Kardashian. “I love to display the masterpieces that my kids make! The kids and I enjoy seeing it on the fridge all year long!” she writes. An art book of Annie Leibovitz photographs from sister Kendall Jenner is on permanent display. A skull print by artist Damian Hirst was a gift from partner Scott Disick.

But the home’s most touching items aren’t obvious showpieces on pedestals or front and center in the living room. “These Syrian inlaid game boxes under my coffee table belonged to my dad. They are so beautiful and so special to me,” she says of a set of ornate pieces in the living room.

Law books belonging to her father, Robert Kardashian, who died of cancer in 2003, are also on display. Alongside the tomes, she points out, a Lucite box that holds a pair of platform shoes, a gift to Robert from Elton John. “My dad always kept them in his closet, but I had them put into a shadow box,” she says. “They are so special.”

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