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Women around the world celebrated International Women’s Day on Wednesday, and as John Oliver pointed out, unfortunately so did some men rather sloppily. On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver looked back at some of the more egregious ways that powerful men around the world, including Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Brazil’s Michel Temer, put their feet in their mouths while trying to honor women.

“Women give us life and perpetuate it in our children,” President Putin said via a translator according to an official blog post. “We will do our utmost to surround our dear women with care and attention, so that they can smile more often.”

“Perfect,” said Oliver, laughing. “If there are two things that women love, it’s being told to smile more and being surrounded.”

Oliver was also quick to note that Brazil’s president seemed to send an odd translated message while addressing the economic power of women. “Today, women participate strongly in the economy, too,” Temer’s translator said. “Nobody is more capable of pointing out changes in supermarket prices better than women.”

Oliver’s comeback: “He just reduced the economic contribution of half of Brazil’s population to, ‘Women be shopping, y’all!’”

Luckily for international relations, neither leader came across as clumsy as Esteban Solis, the co-host of San Antonio, Texas daytime news show, Daytime at Nine. Solis managed to simultaneously give a shout-out to International Women’s Day and beach bodies. “Today is International Women’s Day, so hey ladies, don’t worry, it’s your day — today you can do whatever you want,” he said in a clip from the show. “And speaking of doing whatever you want, it’s Workout Wednesday — time to get that bikini body just in time for summer.”

After that clunker, Oliver suggested that “first thing tomorrow,” Solis’s co-host Kimberly Crawford should “go into the office and ask for a f—ing raise.”

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