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We thought we knew a lot about sex and exercise, but this week proved there’s still a lot to learn. Here’s what else grabbed our attention in health this week.

Here’s how much sex you should have each week

Experts think they’ve pinpointed the perfect weekly sex quota—just in time, too. A new study found that the average American has sex nine fewer times per year now than in the past, despite the fact that sex has been linked to a stronger heart and better mental health.

Why Zumba is insanely good exercise

Zumba is a dance and music-filled workout that’s both incredibly fun and a great way to get fit. If you want to mix up your exercise routine, here’s why Zumba should be on your list.

The cancer-soy connection is getting less confusing

New research is clarifying whether there is any link between breast cancer and eating soy. There’s been a lot of back and forth, but soy appears to not be so bad for women after all.

Is it bad to stay inside all day?

When the weather is crummy, it’s easy to stay inside and be a couch potato. But you may want to consider getting some fresh air instead.

Most kids can’t spot fake news

Thanks to digital devices, children have more access to the news than ever before. However, they don’t necessarily know what’s real online and what’s not.

Access to most effective birth control could save $12 billion a year

If all American women had access to really effective birth control, like the IUD or implant, cost savings could sweep the country. Providing that level of access, however, could be a challenge.

Should I worry about flu vaccine side effects?

Some years the flu vaccine is more effective than others, but it’s still important to get your yearly shot. Scientists explain why you shouldn’t worry about the side effects.

Americans are eating too much bacon and too few nuts

A new report shows people could live longer if they cut back on certain foods and added other ones. Keep these two foods in the mind the next time you pick up your weekly groceries.

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