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After reading Joel Stein’s March 13 cover story about the tech company Snap, readers who don’t use its signature disappearing-message app wrote that they appreciated Stein’s “enlightening” them “as to what Snapchat is all about,” as Valerie Emmerich of Brookline, Mass., put it. But many noted that they still didn’t get the appeal. “Your past remains with you always,” Dr. Doris B. Hammett, of Asheville, N.C., pointed out. And it’s not all fun and games, said Richard Mansbach of Erie, Colo., a former restorative-justice facilitator who has worked with young girls whose explicit photos were saved against their will: “Beware of the so-called safety of disappearing in 10 seconds!”


TIME’s Feb. 27/March 6 review of the science behind living a long, healthy life inspired readers to share their own longevity secrets. Frank Sganga, 95, from New Smyrna Beach, Fla., attributed his long life to daily naps, frequent racquetball games, lifting 10-lb. dumbbells–he even has one in his car to use when stopped at a red light–and adhering to “Alfred E. Neuman’s attitude of ‘What, me worry?'” Robert G. Douglas of Walnut Creek, Calif., who’s almost 94, agreed that attitude matters: “A strong sense of humor” keeps life enjoyable, he wrote, adding that scotch and junk food do too. But Tom Morman of Leipsic, Ohio, who cares for his 101-year-old mother, noted that he read the story with “mixed feelings” because he knows firsthand that aging is “not all fun.”


To mark Women’s History Month in March, TIME’s photo team asked 34 experts to help create a list of female photographers who are impacting their medium in exciting ways. “It’s never been more critical for us to have a woman’s visual perspective,” explains Kira Pollack, TIME’s director of photography, whose own pick was Luisa Dörr, who shot this portrait of a Brazilian girl. See the full list at


TIME Labs has mapped Gallup-Healthways’ 2017 Well-Being Index, which ranks 189 U.S. communities (like these top scorers) by five well-being factors. See the interactive feature at

1. Naples-Immokalee–Marco Island, Fla.

This Gulf Coast region ranks first overall.

2. Barnstable Town, Mass.

The Cape Cod community is in second place overall and first in terms of physical health.

3. Santa Cruz–Watsonville, Calif.

The area is third overall but ranks 20th for social well-being.

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