The 3 Best Conspiracy Theories About the Statue of Liberty Going Dark

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The lights at the Statue of Liberty ominously went dark for a few hours on Tuesday and the symbolism was too much for the Internet.

The National Parks Service were quick to say in a statement that the “unplanned outage” was most likely caused by some construction work, the BBC reports. But Twitter users weren’t going let a reasonable explanation spoil a good story.

Here are some of the best theories online.

The Statue Went On Strike For ‘A Day Without Women’

March 8 is International Women’s Day and many people are marking the event by going on strike for ‘A Day Without Women’, in order to illustrate how important women can be.

It only seems fair that this extends to the most famous female (statue) in the U.S.

The Statue Was Protesting President Trump’s Travel Ban

President Trump just signed a second executive order temporarily banning some refugees and visitors from six predominantly Muslim countries.

Lady Liberty is widely thought of as a symbol welcoming immigrants to the U.S. so people were quick to jump on the idea of the power cut as a political protest. A “Refugees Welcome” banner was unfurled by activists at the feet of the statue just a few weeks ago.

The Statue Was Hacked By Russia

According to parts of the Internet we’ve all been hacked by ‘Russia’, so social media users were quick to joke about the lights being infiltrated. At least, we think it was a joke.

Despite all the speculation, it looks like it really was just a power cut. After a period darkness, the lights on Lady Liberty are back on and normal service resumed.


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