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Janelle Monáe Made a Powerful Point About Period Shaming

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A simple tweet from Janelle Monáe with the words “Menstrual Period Blood” turned into an important discussion on women’s health.

With that tweet, the singer and Hidden Figures actress generated comments — from women and men — both thanking her for helping to normalize periods, and criticizing her for talking about a “gross” topic.

“It’s sad that there are prob folks more grossed out by and/or ashamed of menstrual period blood than they are the current administration,” Monáe responded.

“Never forget girls & women birthed the human race and hold the power to unbirth it. Y’all gone learn. #WomensHistoryMonth”

And Monáe continued to educate people who called her out, including one woman who accused her of “period shaming” after Monáe shut down another woman who said talking about menstruation is “gross.”

“She used the word ‘gross’ (unpleasant, repulsive, disgusting) 2describe blood which in this instance is a by product of the period (a natural and biological change that occurs in the female). When a person uses language like ‘gross’ this causes the person on the receiving end to feel ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated, etc. therefore leading to ‘period shaming,’ ” Monáe explained.

“my point is you wouldn’t be here w/out sumbodies bodily fluids. respect & celebrate everything that got yo ass here.”

Other Twitter users responded in support of Monáe.

Add Monáe to the list of celebrities advocating for menstrual — and women’s — rights.

This article originally appeared on People.com

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