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Emma Watson Reveals She Uses Pubic Hair Oil

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There has been so much hype around Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast promo tour wardrobe and her personal mission to wear all eco-friendly, sustainable looks, that it’s about time her beauty routine also got its moment in the spotlight. Throughout the tour she’s been committed to wearing natural beauty products at every outing, and she just opened up her own personal makeup bag for an interview with Into the Gloss. Her must-have products will both inspire and definitely surprise you.

Watson remained very candid throughout the interview and wanted to be open about every product she uses — even if they’re conventionally “embarrassing” items. Below, her most shocking beauty revelations.

She bleaches her top lip.
She’s been tweezing her eyebrows and bleaching her top lip since she was 9. “It’s funny — I was just talking to my friend before this about how in the Instagram era it’s so easy to edit your life so that it looks perfect,” she tells Into the Gloss. “But I bleach my top lip and tweeze my eyebrows and you’d never get to see that, even though it’s a part of my routine. There’s still so much shame around the things you do to get ready while you’ve got a towel wrapped around your head. It’s important to me not to edit that out.”

She uses oil… everywhere.
In other surprising body hair revelations, she swears by Fur Oil. “I’ll use that anywhere from the ends of my hair to my eyebrows to my pubic hair. It’s an amazing all-purpose product.”

She’s obsessed with baths.
And she takes at least one a day. “If I can have two or three [a day] — amazing. Nothing terrible is going to happen in the bath, so I always find time for that.” She loves C.O. Bigelow’s Apothecary Cold and Flu Soak saying it clears out her sinuses making her “feel really clean.” Her other go-to brands include French Girl Organics sea polish and Lola’s Apothecary’s milk bath with rose petals.

She doesn’t paint her finger nails in everyday life.
She doesn’t see it as a “useful way” to spend time when they chip so easily. But she loves pedicures with “crazy colors.” Her favorite shade is “El Capitan” by Floss Gloss.

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She had bad skin as a teenager.
She cleanses, tones and moisturizes her face every single night (with Évolué products) no matter how late she’s going to bed. “People are amazed by this, but it’s just one of those self-care practices that I really enjoy. I think it’s because, when I was going through puberty — particularly around ages 14 and 15 — I had really bad skin. So when you get in a good place with your skin, you really appreciate it and try to take care of it.”

Her all-natural routine even extends to deodorant.
After a very long search, she swears by Agent Nateur No. 3 or Weleda Sage Deodorant. Although she says Soapwalla’s Deodorant Cream “really does the job” but its application isn’t so easy. “You have to scoop it out with your hands, so I always end up getting it on my clothes.”

She’s been obsessed with looking inside other people’s makeup bags since her Harry Potter days.
She says looking inside a person’s makeup bag is a way to understand his or her personality deeper. “When I was a kid and working on Harry Potter, I would always ask the makeup artists, or just anyone, ‘Can I see your makeup bag?’ I loved exploring that way. And my other favorite thing was, while I was having my hair and makeup done, to clean and organize people’s makeup bags. So I would sit there and clean every product and put it all back together again.”

What were you most surprised to discover about Watson’s beauty routine?

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