March 6, 2017 5:19 PM EST

Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson juggles many roles: wildly popular actress, spokesperson for women’s rights at the U.N., leader of a global book club. So it only makes sense that she indulges in a daily, much-needed relaxation ritual. Her choice of de-stress routine: bath time. In an interview with the beauty blog Into the Gloss, Watson detailed on her consistent—and consistently luxe—approach to self-care.

“I have a bath every single day of my life,” she explained. “And if I can have two or three—amazing. Nothing terrible is going to happen in the bath, so I always find time for that. I’ll take phone conversations in the bath, anything.”

Watson espouses a natural approach to beauty and skincare, searching for things like all-natural deodorants and makeup that doesn’t cover her freckles or contain chemicals. Her other surprise product recommendation? Fur Oil, a product marketed as care for your pubic hair. In the very candid interview, she opened up about how the “Instagram era” makes it “easy to edit your life so that it looks perfect.”

“But I bleach my top lip and tweeze my eyebrows and you’d never get to see that, even though it’s a part of my routine. There’s still so much shame around the things you do to get ready while you’ve got a towel wrapped around your head. It’s important to me not to edit that out,” she added.

Watson recently came under scrutiny for a Vanity Fair photo shoot with some risqué imagery. Her fiery response? “Feminism is about giving women choice… It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality. I really don’t know what my t-ts have to do with it.” Looks like those regular bath times give Watson plenty of opportunity to meditate on comebacks.

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