February 28, 2017 11:16 PM EST

Google marked St. David’s Day, celebrated in Wales on Wednesday, with a Doodle depiction of a Welsh Lovespoon.

Every March 1, the people of Wales celebrate the feast day of their patron saint, St. David. People often wear leeks (St. David’s symbol) or daffodils (the national symbol of Wales) to mark the occasion, although the day is not a public holiday.

The tradition of presenting carved spoons to prospective lovers dates back to 17th century Wales, according to Google. Suitors would carve hearts, anchors, knots and locks into wooden spoons and gift them to young women as a demonstration of their prowess in carpentry and ability to provide.

Shy suitors could convey their emotions through carved symbols, according to a website that makes the spoons. A twisted stem evoked togetherness. A dragon — like the one featured in Google’s Doodle — suggested protection.

“There’s nothing quite like the love spoons in any other country,” Matt Jones, Google’s guest Doodler said. “I think it’s something worth teaching non-Welsh about. The lovespoons historically are a chance for the wood carver to show off so I wanted to make a Doodle with similar panache.”

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