This Week in Health: Cheat Death, Lose Weight, Do Pilates

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A full night of sleep rejuvenates you in a way that even the world’s strongest cup of coffee never could.

In a recent deep dive for TIME, we found that sleep also helps you age more slowly. Mounting evidence suggests that the benefits brought on by adequate sleep—including eased-up levels of inflammation—are impressive enough to help steel the body against the aging process.

Here’s what else grabbed our attention in health this week.

How to lose weight and keep it off

Most people gain weight back after losing it. But this trick, involving phone calls and a bit of reflection, can really help.

These high-tech hacks could help slow aging

Here are five ways Silicon Valley is trying to hack its way to a much (much, much) longer life.

President Trump vowed to solve the opioid crisis. He needs to fix this problem first

The cost of a critical antidote, naloxone, is soaring. That’s partly because of drug-industry consolidation and a lengthy FDA-approval process, but those aren’t the only problems.

Why mental illness can fuel physical disease

With the help of new evidence, scientists are shedding light on the mysterious mind-body connection. Physical problems seem to be closely connected to what happens in the brain.

Here are the health benefits of Pilates

The exercise looks deceptively easy. But Pilates is a mind and body workout with unique benefits for your abs.

Does washing my clothes kill all the germs?

Read on to learn the healthiest way to do laundry. (A warning to germaphobes: this story gets graphic.)

The extreme ways man has tried to cheat death

From eating monkey brains to drinking blood, man has tried some gnarly ways to extend life. Here are 24 cures our species has attempted through the ages.

This type of fat can lower diabetes risk

Saturated fat is often maligned, but not all fat is created equal. This delicious type of fat actually seems to help protect against type 2 diabetes.

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