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February 23, 2017 3:42 PM EST

Every year, Oscar nominees receive the Everyone Wins Nominee Gift Bag, an assortment of extravagant, brand-sponsored gifts ranging from vacation getaways to personal training sessions to a year’s worth of Audi car rentals. This year’s standout gift is the Elvie, a fitness tracker for—wait for it—your vagina.

This women’s health device costs $199 and is paired with a smartphone app so users can track their Kegels. These exercises involve tightening and contracting the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum. A strong pelvic floor means more intense orgasms, improved bladder control, and easier pregnancy recovery. In other words, Kegels are your lady parts’ best friend, and if you don’t practice them regularly, you should start.

The Elvie is one of a few Kegel-tracking devices that have cropped up in the past few years. If using one reminds you (and Emma Stone, Ruth Negga, and all the other female Academy Award nominees) to exercise down there, we’re all for it. To use the Elvie, slide the device inside your vagina like you would a tampon, keeping its tail outside of you. Then, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth setting, connect the device to the app, and start tightening and relaxing your muscles. The app transforms Kegels into a follow-along game that instructs you when to relax, tighten, hold, or pulse down there. There are even training levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) so you can challenge your lady friends to a Kegel-off or track your results from week to week.

And yes, the device is totally safe to stick inside your vagina, unlike other sketchy devices (looking at you, jade egg). The Elvie is made of top-grade medical silicone, is completely waterproof, and is simple to clean.

If you didn’t get that Oscar nomination you were hoping for and aren’t interested in shelling out 200 bucks for the Elvie, you’re in luck: you don’t need special equipment to do Kegels. You can do these exercises anywhere without anybody knowing, whether it’s at work, binge-watching Netflix, or waiting for your dinner to finish cooking. Simply tighten and relax your muscles down there. Happy squeezing!

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