February 14, 2017

Seth Meyers is continuing to push back against President Donald Trump’s ongoing insistence that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Monday’s episode of Late Night, the host called the voter fraud claims a “deranged conspiracy theory” before slamming White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller’s recent defense of the allegations.

“Anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics is aware of this,” Miller said during an interview on ABC’s This Week, citing the “massive numbers of non-citizens in this country who are registered to vote,” without presenting any of the “enormous evidence,” he spoke of.

“Yeah, that’s a guy who’s definitely lying,” Meyers said after playing the clip of Miller. “He sounds like a guilty husband who got caught texting with a female coworker: ‘Honey, who’s Deborah?’ ‘Um, she’s a friend, and if that’s an issue that interests you then we can talk about it more in the future.'”

Watch the full clip above.

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