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Before you watch this video, in your best Homer Simpson voice say: Mmm, pizza.

Now that that is out of the way, order up a pie and wile away the 30 minutes or less until it arrives, educate yourself on the history of everyone’s favorite round food. (Sorry, Oreos!)

Some mouthwatering facts about that pepperoni pie: People have been putting toppings on flatbread since 500 BC, but the tomatoes and cheese thing didn’t start until Neapolitans started decorating their pies in 1500 AD. Only in 1700 AD did people consider actually baking the bread and toppings together resulting in the delectably melty thing we know as pizza. That means centuries and centuries of civilization were deprived of the deliciousness of a slice. But who are we kidding, “civilization” didn’t really start until people could split a pie.

Learn more facts in the video below, we’ll be over here stuffing our faces:

The Evolution Of Pizza by buzzfeedvideo

[via Neatorama]

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