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Luckily Someone Made You a Beauty and the Beast Parody Starring Lord Voldemort and Emma Watson

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In a delightful twist on a tale as old as time, internet geniuses have created a mashup of the new Beauty and the Beast live-action movie trailer, splicing in appearances from none other than the sinister Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter lore in the place of the odious Beast of Disney’s fable.

While ostensibly the two magical stories exist in different universes, their parallels are clear. Animated objects, the presence of pure evil, intelligent beasts, and haunted castles abound in both. Plus: a book-loving Emma Watson.

As YouTube creator PistolShrimps explains, this alternate version features the erstwhile Tom Riddle as the Beast, Belle as a witch, and the usually bothersome Gaston as “a brave and proud Gryffindor.” It’s a surprisingly seamless mashup, as Voldemort and Belle fend for themselves with spellcraft amidst the enchanted environment. (Watch out for cameos from the iconic Whomping Willow and a unicorn, too.)

“I cannot live forever,” Voldemort admits in this shocking retelling. Watch the full thing, above.

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