February 3, 2017 4:19 PM EST

Actor, DJ, and all-around charming human Idris Elba is raffling himself off as one lucky person’s Valentine’s Day date. So to prepare for his romantic night out with a stranger, he wrangled together a group of children to give him some top-notch, unfiltered dating advice. Their adorable tips ranged from dance move suggestions to the importance of presenting a “bad boy” attitude.

“You take the girl somewhere nice, like somewhere she likes—like a girl concert,” one kid recommended. “You pay for everything. And you agree with everything she says.” When Elba protested that, they were quick to admonish him. “It doesn’t matter about you. It matters about the girl!” one boy said.

He also got a lesson in the come-hither “criss cross” dance and the art of pulling funny faces, before he treated the children to a short rap-slash-love-song. “I really like you, I wanna be your date / Me and you together, this is fate,” he freestyled. The kids were not impressed by his poetic stylings.

When one girl said her ideal date would be James Bond, Elba gave the camera a very cheeky look, though. Only time will tell what that could mean.

Anyone can enter the draw for the date, which is raising money through Omaze for W.E. Can Lead, which supports empowering and education girls throughout Africa.

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