By Megan McCluskey
February 3, 2017

Following Donald Trump’s recent tweet stating that the White House was formally putting Iran “on notice” in the wake of an Iranian ballistic missile test and strikes by Iranian-backed rebels, Stephen Colbert had a bone to pick with the President.

During the opening monologue of Thursday night’s The Late Show, the host accused Trump of borrowing heavily from his work on The Colbert Report — the Comedy Central show where the satirist played the conservative windbag persona, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert.

“I came up with the over-the-top TV character who’s desperate to be loved, doesn’t believe in facts and has a pet eagle,” he fumed. “Plus we both ran for president — only one of us knew it was a joke.”

Colbert even brought out his infamous “On Notice” board to add Trump to the list.

Watch the full clip below.

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