100 Super Healthy and Filling Foods

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You know the basics of a healthy diet: lots of fruit and vegetables, some nuts and seeds, full-fat dairy, and a few servings of fish and lean meat. Of course, most of us don’t always abide by those rules, our food choices guided by cravings or hunger instead of proper planning.

That’s why we compiled a list of 100 of the most satisfying, hunger-quelling foods that are also easy to find at a grocery store (and taste great, of course). We’ve also provided our favorite ways to eat them, and recipes from our friends at Cooking Light and Food & Wine. Most importantly, we got rid of some of the guesswork behind determining if a food is filling and healthy, and provided tips for how to identify these foods on your own (hint, look for fiber, not just protein).


Sure, 100 foods is a lot of options, but our goal is to emphasize that there are endless ways to eat healthy, regardless of your diet or food preferences. With this list, we hope you find or rediscover the joy of cooking, and that your meals keep you happy, healthy and satisfied. Bon Appétit!

Also, keep an eye out for the book version of this list, 100 Healthiest Foods to Satisfy Your Hunger, on newsstands and online.

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