By Megan McCluskey
January 26, 2017

During Wednesday’s “A Closer Look” segment of Late Night, Seth Meyers took some time to address President Donald Trump about TV.

The host jokingly took on the former reality star’s TV consumption, since Trump has frequently tweeted about various TV shows and ratings among other topics. The funny man went so far as to compare Trump to a baby in a bad mood. “I’m dealing with the same issue with my son, he’s 9-months-old,” Meyers said. “We’re trying to observe a no-screens rule but sometimes he gets cranky and the only thing that works is Dora the Explorer, so, been there.”

Meyers also had a suggestion for Trump’s aides. “Have you tried hiding the remote someplace he would never look?,” he said. “Like, under the Constitution.”

Watch the full clip above.

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