January 24, 2017 2:00 PM EST

President Donald Trump first week is off to a frenetic start, with business leader, staff, and congressional meetings, along with a flurry of executive actions occupying his time. He’s fulfilled some core campaign promises, including killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and working to green-light two controversial pipelines. But he’s already signaled he may be backing off on some of them, as the White House put the brakes on a moving the U.S. embassy to Israel to Jerusalem. In any event, the Trump White House failed to accomplish its “Day One” goals on day three.

Trump is already setting about reshaping American foreign policy, signaling Monday that he would be open to working with Russia on air strikes against the Islamic State group.

Trump repeats a lie to lawmakers. He’ll keep Comey around. And a launch and a reboot.

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Must Reads

Donald Trump Breaks Almost All of His ‘Day One’ Promises
Here’s a wrap of what Trump promised to do on his first day in office, compared with what he actually did [Associated Press]

Trump Repeats Lie About Popular Vote in Meeting With Lawmakers
Says falsely there were millions of ineligible votes cast [New York Times]

President Trump Hasn’t Decided on Israeli Embassy Move, Despite Campaign Pledge
Following two of his last three predecessors [TIME]

President Trump Open to Joint Russia-U.S. Strikes In Syria
First major shift from Obama administration on ISIS campaign [TIME]

Donald Trump’s First Press Briefing Was a Big Change
A softer tone from his press secretary, TIME’s Philip Elliott writes

Trump Takes First Steps on “America First” Foreign Policy
Pulls U.S. out of TPP trade pact [TIME]

The First Days Inside Trump’s White House: Fury, Tumult and a Reboot
The mercurial president’s first days [Washington Post]

Sound Off

“We’ll have these meetings every — whenever you need them. I would say every quarter, perhaps. You could say monthly but then all of a sudden monthly becomes repetitive.” — President Donald Trump during a meeting with business leaders Monday

“If it was already a decision, we wouldn’t be going through a process.” — Press Secretary Sean Spicer Monday on the process to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Bits and Bites

Trump admin orders media blackout at EPA [Associated Press]

What to Know About the Ethics Lawsuit Facing President Trump [TIME]

Messaging App Has Bipartisan Support Amid Hacking Concerns [Wall Street Journal]

Donald Trump Names Net Neutrality Critic Ajit Pai to Lead FCC [Associated Press]

See Just How Big Over 200 Women’s Marches Were All Across the Country [TIME]

US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama’s last hours [Associated Press]

Trump Is Said to Keep James Comey as F.B.I. Director [New York Times]

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