January 20, 2017 2:04 PM EST

On a day when some people are celebrating and some are celebrating Trump’s presidency, ray of light Chance the Rapper decided to spread joy in song and dance.

After YouTube personality Jay Versace shared a video of he and his friends getting down to “Optimistic” by Sounds of Blackness earlier this month, it appears the Grammy-nominated rapper and his squad decided to run with this most recent #OptimisticChallenge a go with their own choreographed routine on Thursday.

The quad of snappily-dressed dudes all get a chance to shine in the video, before a fifth dancer steals the show with some casual breakdancing. (The group is composed of Chance, rising rapper Kyle, Eric Butler and Reese of Savemoney, and crew member Brick, according to Complex.) Chance is no stranger to political activism, leading a parade to the voting booth in November and meeting with President Obama.

The original dance video, meanwhile, got 82,000 retweets thanks to its infectious positive energy.

Only time will tell if this will become a #MannequinChallenge-style viral hit—but at the very least it’s bringing the classic 1991 gospel tune to a whole new generation. “When in the midst of sorrow,” the lyrics go, “you can’t see up when looking down / A brighter day tomorrow will bring.” And Twitter is very pleased about this new challenge.

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