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10 Snowboard Photographers to Follow on Instagram

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Snowboarding is about pushing the limits. Not only for the athletes but for the photographers who document them.

The sport has its roots in counter culture, but has risen to competition-level where only the fittest and creative prevail. And, again, the same can be said for the photographers who are branching out into alternative processing, creative lighting and layout techniques to elevate their work.

Constantly changing terrain and long hours spent waiting for riders to come down the mountain set the stage for experimentation.

Snowboard photographer-turned-fine art photographer Cole Barash explains that “90% percent of the time you are isolated to environments that are white with nothing else but white. No lines, no color, just white.” It was up to him to change the variables to make his images stand out whether it be by using film, lighting or even by playing with the composition.

Of the many snowboard photographers out there, these are 10 to follow as the winter progresses.


Jerome Tanon

Jerome Tanon @jerometanonJerome Tanon

Matt Georges

Matt Georges @matt_georgesMatt Georges

Scott Serfas

Mikkel Bang flys on his snowboard in the Whistler Backcountry.
Scott Serfas @scottserfasScott Serfas

Mason Mashon

pow surfing, which is binding-less snow boarding essentially.
Mason Mashon @mason_mashonMason Mashon

Aaron Blatt

Aaron Blatt @blattphotoAaron Blatt

Mike Yoshida

Mike Yoshida @mikeyoshidaMike Yoshida


Dean Blotto Gray @deanblottograyDean Blotto Gray

Carlos Blanchard

Carlos Blanchard @carlosblanchardphotoCarlos Blanchard

Silvano Zeiter

Silvano Zeiter @silvanozeiterSilvano Zeiter

Frode Sandbech

Frode Sandbech @frodesandbechFrode Sandbech

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