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If your beloved is more interested in finding the humor in life than dwelling on more serious issues, this selection of entertaining gifts is sure to please them this Valentine’s Day. If nothing else, one (or two!) of these funny gifts will serve as the perfect stress reliever for a spouse or partner who is simply spending too much time at the office. There’s something for everyone: the “You’re So Lucky To Have Me” mug will remind a devout coffee or tea drinker that they really lucked out in the love department by choosing you! The machine-washable “I Love Us” tea towel is the perfect choice for the person who considers him or herself a culinary wizard in the kitchen—whether his specialty is weeknight meals or baked goods suited for weekend indulgences. Or, you could make him laugh with a comical jab at yourself own sleeping patterns with a set of cotton-blend pillowcases that highlight your hilariously disproportionate side of the bed. There’s even something for the selfie obsessed: a translucent light pink iPhone cover that comes complete with four sheets of cutesy, removable stickers (pizzas, ice cream cones, and witty phrases). And, for those not in a romantic relationship, there’s a handful of gag gifts for your galentines, too. The “Mold the Perfect Man” ice tray is sure to have her giggling any time she reaches for a drink.

This Is How You Adult Oversized Wine Glass

She’s an adult and she can enjoy a big glass of wine at the end of a long day if she wants to. There’s no judgment here. For the woman who looks forward to a bit of wine at the end of the day, give her with the ultimate oversized glass—because having to refill your glass simply takes too much time and effort. This funny gift can hold a full bottle of wine (although we don’t recommend anyone undertaking this endeavor solo). Use it as a photo op and then share with others—or don’t fill it up all the way for a single-serve version.

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We Go Together Pop-Up Notecard Collection

Sure, anyone can buy those themed generic valentines at the store, but who needs that when these cheeky notecards exist? All the classic food pairings you can think of—from peanut butter and jelly or eggs and bacon to salt and pepper—are featured in this set of 10 notecards and envelopes. There’s even a 3D element to these hilarious greetings: they open with a pop-up accent. They can also be used as desk décor post-February 14th, too. Your friend can share these with their significant other, friends, and family—all they needs to do is personalize the message inside.

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Take Out Serving Bowl

The weekly takeout date night might be a beloved tradition, but it’s no secret that it’s not the healthiest habit. For those who are trying to eat fewer greasy dishes (think delivery lo mein or large, cheesy pizzas), this takeout box-inspired porcelain serving bowl puts a new, healthier spin on the ritual. Serve everything from homemade noodles or General Tso’s chicken in the glossy box. Or, use it to serve up candies, chips, or pretzels the next time guests come over. It may look delicate, but it’s actually quite durable—it’s dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe.

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Amusemints Wine Mint Tins

Nobody wants to have bad breath going into a date or a networking event. These tiny tins, which easily fit in her purse or glove compartment, will ensure her breath is as fresh as can be. The set features three tins with different clever sayings and designs, including the time honored “Keep Calm” motto that is just about everywhere. She’ll be offering mints to everyone she meets. When the breath fresheners are long gone, the tins can be used to hold small trinkets (think sewing tools, bobby pins and other hair accessories, or loose change).

To Buy: $6;

Wine Socks

If her idea of a Valentine’s Day treat is curling up in bed while being served a glass of her favorite red or white blend, then these are the socks she’ll never want to take off. The funny phrase (“if you can read this” on one, “please bring me wine” on the other) is featured on the soles, so she just needs to point her toes to the sky to put in her beverage request. We can’t guarantee that this request will be fulfilled after February 14th—but it’s still worth trying just about any day of the year.

To Buy: $14;

Keep Calm and Colour Mermaids

It’s well known that coloring books can be a calm, stress-relieving escape when someone is feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a never-ending to-do list, a tough commute, or just the general annoyances of everyday life. This coloring book, with whimsical drawings of mermaids, can be her nighttime ritual when she’s looking to decompress after a long day at work or running errands. For a well-rounded gift, package the book with a set of coloring pencils, and she will be all set. You can thank us later when she seems to be a lot more zen.

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Porn for Women

There are no naked people in this hilarious book—just attractive men saying and doing all the things you’ve always wished they would in real life. There’s the man vacuuming the living room all by himself on the front cover and the photo of one guy saying “Ooh, look, the NFL playoffs are today. I bet we’ll have no trouble parking at the crafts fair.” It’s the ultimate fantasy book for women everywhere—who wouldn’t want to see a good-looking guy do mundane chores around the house? We can just imagine her going through the book with her friends during the next girls’ night for a good laugh.

To Buy: $10;

Knock Knock Compact

Even the most confident and poised people need a self-esteem boost every now and then. This compact won’t ever make you feel self-conscious about your skin issues or blemishes, because it opens up to an uplifting phrase inscribed in the mirror: “You’re Perfect.” The acrylic case is small enough to stash in your glove compartment, pocket, or even a tiny clutch. Plus, it’s a useful tool for your commute, in case you need to touch-up before stepping in to the office. At just $10, it makes a great Galentine’s Day party favor for each one of your girlfriends.

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Fred & Friends Lil Winner 6-Ounce Sippy Cup

Don’t forget the kids this Valentine’s Day. It’s not a day reserved just for romantic love, of course. Reward your favorite tot with a golden sippy cup that’s shaped like a trophy. The cup features the words “First in Thirst” and “Most Valuable Baby,” so everyone knows who the real champ is. (Even if he doesn’t always finish his milk!) This may look way different than your average sippy cup, but it still has the same utility of an everyday one—the handles make it easy to hold and it comes with a removable spill-proof lid. Plus, it’s BPA-free, too.

To Buy: $11;

Burger Coin Purse and Card Case

If she considers herself a burger connoisseur, she can display her love proudly with this coin purse and card case set (ketchup, mustard, and a side of fries not included). The pouches are compact enough, but will fit all the essentials so it’s easy for her to take them to go. Though burger prices may have skyrocketed since the 1960s, there’s enough room in this coin purse to buy an $11 artisanal burger—all in change (though we can’t guarantee the server wouldn’t be annoyed). Stick a gift card to her favorite burger joint in the card case to complete the gift.

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