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January 9, 2017 1:01 PM EST

Hamilton writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fundraising campaigns are starting to outnumber his awards. His latest endeavor promises fans a chance to win two tickets to Hamilton productions across the United States — and the only thing they need to do to enter is make a donation to Planned Parenthood.

In a new video with his mom, Miranda announced the details of the Prizeo campaign, and in an email interview with Motto explained why the healthcare organization is important to him on a personal level. Now more than ever, women’s reproductive rights and health centers like Planned Parenthood need the support and championing of outspoken advocates like Miranda.

Motto: This is your third Prizeo campaign this year. What’s your process of selecting which causes to give to?

Lin-Manuel Miranda: I support causes with which I have a personal connection. Wherever we feel we might be of service.

Your mother is on the board of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. How has her work with the organization influenced or educated you when it comes to women’s reproductive rights?

My mom has always worked in communities that are underserved. Growing up, I watched her counsel women and men who did not have access to the same quality medical care as families who lived just a subway stop away. Her life’s work is a constant inspiration. This year, it has become even more important to help protect women’s reproductive rights and ensure their access to health care. I’m fortunate enough to be in a position where I can encourage people around the world to make a tangible difference for women in need.

What should everyone be doing to protect reproductive rights?

We can get educated about the issues, and support the candidates and people in our communities who are doing more to protect reproductive rights and ensure women’s health. Not everyone can give the same amount of time, or money, but by working together, we can make a crucial difference.

The current New York Hamilton cast delivered a message to Mike Pence when he attended the show this November. Would that have happened if you were there?

Absolutely. I’m proud that Brandon Victor Dixon took the opportunity to speak eloquently, and passionately about the theater community’s hopes and fears. I will always be grateful for his measured and respectful message on our behalf, and for the vice president-elect’s response in kind.

Why do you think Hamilton speaks to the activist community so loudly?

I think Alexander Hamilton’s life is a testament to how much can be accomplished in a short lifetime. It speaks to all of us. It certainly spoke to me.

Why is it important for men to support women’s health?

Women are 50% of the world’s population – men can’t sit idle if half the people around them don’t have access to the care they need to lead healthy and productive lives. People also forget that Planned Parenthood provides important services for men and the entire family, too! Family planning, sexual health, all these issues impact everyone and are just as important for men to receive as it is for women.

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