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January 6, 2017

She works hard for the money, and she knows how to treat herself right!

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra (who will be presenting at the Golden Globes Sunday!) has a job that allows her to enjoy the finer things in life, and she does so with pleasure, she tells PeopleStyle.

“I’ve always been a little indulgent,” she says. “I work very hard to spoil myself; I am not someone who is stingy at all when it comes to money. I like the lifestyle that I lead and I work hard to lead it. I like a beautiful house. I like beautiful cars. I like traveling in luxury. I like yachts. I like planes. I like the high life and I work for it, so those are my indulgences!”

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And though she prefers to keep things simple when she’s not on the red carpet (“I get dressed in 10 minutes when it’s real life!”), that simplicity comes with a hefty price tag. She says you’ll find her in jeans and a shirt, but likely toting a Tom Ford backpack and “beautiful shoes – my shoe game is always on point.”

“I’m not someone who likes shopping for clothes too much – I’m not that girl,” she says, laughing. “But I like accessories. I bought leather weights – completely unnecessary, but they were just beautiful. Titanium headphones, Bottega [Veneta]eye mask – I do unnecessary shopping. The necessary shopping my team does!”

The same goes for her jewelry box: She isn’t going to wear a ton, but what she wears is going to be pretty spectacular. “I like jewelry that is – well, stones that are big, let’s just say,” she says. “So if you do honkers in your ears then you can’t really do your neck as well; then you lend yourself to being a Christmas tree. I think my personal jewelry aesthetic is big stones with less jewelry.”

That’s definitely a jewelry mantra we could adopt.

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