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Two-Headed Calf Called ‘Lucky’ Dies After 108 Days of Life

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Lucky, a two-headed calf born last September in Kentucky, died at 108 days old on Monday.

The calf, born with four eyes, two noses and two mouths had polycephaly—the condition of having more than one head. Other calves born with the same condition generally live no longer than a couple days. Prior to Lucky’s record of 108 days, the oldest two-headed calf recorded lived for 40 days, according to Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Born on the farm of Stan and Brandy McCubbin in Taylor County, Kentucky, Lucky soon became a family pet, prompting her owners to raise money for medical care, the Lexington Herald Ledger reported. The family asked for $500 to pay for a CT scan of the calf’s mouths, which were deformed by cleft palates, to see if Lucky could undergo reparative surgery. Donors gave $1,200.

Lucky died a week before her vet visit, according to the Washington Post. The family plans to donate the money to a charitable cause.

Brandy McCubbin, a teacher, said the calf had been in weakened state in the days before her death. Lucky was making a strange noise about 10 minutes before she died, she told the Herald Ledger. The family buried the calf by a creek on their farm.

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