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January 2, 2017 11:00 AM EST

No question about it: Cold, dry winter air can be bad news for your complexion. But luckily, it is possible to have gorgeous skin all year long with the right products. Follow these tips from professional makeup artists to ensure that your winter makeup is hydrating and not drying out parched skin even more. Plus, a few of our favorite new products, from a liquid foundation that works wonders on dry skin to creamy lipstick that combats chapped lips.

1. Smooth on a hydrating base

Matte or oil-control foundations are no-nos, obviously, but so are hybrid formulas like tinted moisturizers and BB creams. They offer many benefits but only a fraction of the moisture you need. It’s like the difference between taking a multivitamin and individual ones for specific deficiencies, says Andrew Sotomayor, a celebrity makeup artist in New York City. Grab a moisture-rich product for dry skin, such as Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation.

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2. Use your tools

You might think it’s best to rely on fingers to put on base, but on dry, flaky skin, doing so makes it harder to achieve a smooth finish. “Using fingers causes makeup to catch and highlight dry patches even more,” says Sotomayor. Apply with a damp synthetic brush in short, smooth strokes, or tap and blend in with a wet makeup sponge, like Beautyblender Royal makeup sponge.

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3. Waterproof your lashes

Waterproof mascara may seem like a summertime-only thing, but when it’s super windy or snowing, regular mascara can start running each time you tear up or your lashes get wet. Since long-wear formulas tend to be more drying, look for ones with nourishing oils, like jojoba, to keep your flutter soft rather than crunchy (we love L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Feline Mascara Waterproof).

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4. Choose a creamy color

When it comes to lips and cheeks, go with creamy textures. For lips, switch out matte formulas (they leave lips tight) for moisturizing balms and lipsticks. For cheeks, opt for a cream blush in a warm nude, like peachy beige, taupe or caramel (we like Bite Beauty The Multistick in Honeywheat).

“Cheeks naturally flush when you’re outside, and pink or rosy shades will make you look ruddy,” explains New York City-based celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes.

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5. Apply powder sparingly

By now, you know that anything powdery can zap your glow. But if you’d like a little finishing powder (such as Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder) to set your look, dust it on only where you need it with a small, fluffy brush. “An eye shadow brush is the perfect size for targeting small areas like the bridge of nose, lids and chin,” says Hughes.

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